COVID-19 Message

Bone Jour is open 7am until 7pm, Monday through Saturday for grooming, doggie daycare, and dog boarding. Sundays we are open from 12pm until 7pm for doggie daycare and boarding.

The Coronavirus will be with us forever it seems and all that we can do is personally protect ourselves with vaccines. If there is a mask requirement by the County, we must comply as a business and ask that you observe it as well. When there is not, you can chose to wear or not wear a mask inside Bone Jour.

Drop Off & Pick Up Protocol

For those who don't feel safe coming inside the store for any of our services, we are happy to help. You can email us at info@bonejour prior to your appointment and let us know that you would like outdoor assistance checking in and out. Or, just come to the entrance and tap on our door and we will come out to assist.

Staggered Check-in Times: To help with the flow of our morning check for grooming services, we have established three timeframes: 7-8AM, 8-9AM, and 9-10AM. This has helped in many ways! Customers almost never have to wait in a line which keeps people safely apart. This protocol also makes it possible for us to spend more time with each customer as they are checking in. Time that allows us to get all of the important information that we need to provided services as well as giving customers time to think and ask questions. Plus, tell us all the wonderful stories about their pet!

Vaccines: We are by appointment only and require that each dog or cat on our schedule be up to date on their vaccines. If Covid has had any positive affect, it has highlighted that being in close proximity any person who has a virus, especially for a period of time, is the most likely form of transmission. The American Veterinary Medical Association has no evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted from people to animals and vice versa. That said, pets are vulnerable to their own viruses. Our best defense against having viruses spread at Bone Jour is to require that certain vaccines be in place before coming in our door. The vaccines that we require beside the obvious Rabies vaccine are: DHPP and Bordetella. Why? We have so many elderly pets and breeds who are easily compromised as far as upper respiratory illnesses due to their physical make up (French Bulldogs, Shih Tzu, Boston Terriers, Pugs). We just cannot take chances. We know that due to Covid, it has been and still can be very hard to get veterinary appointments. We totally sympathize with our clients who are trying their best to juggle everything in their lives and feel inconvenienced when we have to remind them about our policy. We just have to keep these precautions in place for the greater good of all of our fur clients.

How We Clean & Sanitize: We are always ready for battle against viruses inside and out as we use disinfectants regularly. In the grooming room and in daycare, we use Best Shot 256 that kills almost everything. Bleach is used when washing our towels and products containing bleach are used on surfaces. Our reception coordinators have and will continue to be diligent in wiping down common surfaces like our door push bars, etc.

Since 1986, Bone Jour has provided the DC, Rockville & Bethesda communities with premier pet grooming. In 2019 we moved to our brand new location to expand our service offerings to include daycare, boarding, and dog parties!
Bone Jour is the best for your pet needs. Dedicated staff, friendly customer service, and picture perfect grooming services. You can't go wrong.Mike S.
4922 Del Ray Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814