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Thank you for taking your time to register your pet for services at Bone Jour! Let’s get started! When you press START, you will first be taken to a registration form for you as the pet parent to enter your own personal information. When you are finished, the next step will take you to our contract for you to review. Once you have virtually signed our contract, you will be able to add your pet to your file and give us his/her information. * When asked for your pet's vaccines, please put down the day that each vaccine will EXPIRE. After you have finished your online registration, the next step is to send in a copy of your vaccines for verification via our email, Once we have vaccine verification, your registration will be complete! We will then reach out to you to make an appointment. If for some reason we have not, please contact us.

Puppies and First Grooming Appointments

Puppies must have all core vaccines in place before they can be groomed. They also need to slowly be introduced to new situations. For their first appointment, we suggest starting with a bath and the basics (nails clipped, ears cleaned, etc.). We have three timeframes for grooming drop off, but for a first time experience, puppies should be assigned the earlier one between 7-8 am. A shorter stay makes this new experience a happier one. If you are not a morning person and would still like to have your puppy's first grooming with us to be short and sweet, we offer what we call a "straight through" appointment. A Straight Through is a set appointment (either at 10 am or 11 am) where your dog arrives and their assigned groomer focuses solely on them to expedite the grooming process. The time range from start to finish is usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours and the cost for this expedited service is $30 in addition to what a normal grooming price would be.

(FYI - Currently, the Personal File for you and your pet that you are setting up is just for the purpose of registration. It is not a portal for you to manage your pet's appointments, etc..)

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Since 1986, Bone Jour has provided the DC, Rockville & Bethesda communities with premier pet grooming. In 2019 we moved to our brand new location to expand our service offerings to include daycare, boarding, and dog parties!
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