At Bone Jour, we have several options for boarding accommodations, all involving some form of living space that separates and contains each dog from one another, whether it is a stall kennel, regular kennel, or playpen style. Our basic boarding fees are per 24 hour stays and include a kenneled stay, three 20-minute walks, and two potty walks (before breakfast and before bedtime).


Toy Dog Breeds

  • $45/day
  • 10 day package $400

Small/Medium Dog Breeds

  • $55/day
  • 10 day package $500

Large Breeds

  • $60/day
  • 10 day package $550

Extra Play

Add on 30 minutes of staff-puppy play for dogs who are unable to socialize with other dogs. Cost: $15


Food is to be provided by the family of the dog who is boarding and should be brought in at the time of check in, premeasured, in individual bags.


Our basic boarding package provides three big walks. We encourage the purchase of doggie daycare play packages for boarders who have passed our Temperament Testing so that their day can be more fun and interesting. For dogs who aren't able to attend doggie daycare, play time with staff can be added.


Dogs who are accepted to board at Bone Jour must be overall good health. We are willing to administer daily medications that support a dog's health (allergies, heart medication, etc.) at no charge. Medications should be presented at check-in and be packaged in individually, marked dose bags. Ointments or drops should be placed in a bag that has complete instructions for use.


Kuranda cot beds will be available for dogs who are in stall kenneling and playpens. They are great as they provide elevated comfort and are chew proof. A soft topper kind of bedding can be added if desired and customers are welcome to provide their own bedding. Dogs who are in regular kennels will have soft bedding that is changed daily.

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Since 1986, Bone Jour has provided the DC, Rockville & Bethesda communities with premier pet grooming. In 2019 we moved to our brand new location to expand our service offerings to include daycare, boarding, and dog parties!
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